The primary purpose of scientific visualization is not to make art; but, rather, use technology and art to communicate scientific knowledge accurately and precisely. This requires full grasp of the subject matter as well as the ability to express it visually.


Cameras and photos can only capture what is visible. Scientific visualization uses creative approaches to narrate what needs to be known that lays beyond what can be seen.


Scientific know-how is combined with creativity, artistic talent and technological expertise to create end products in a variety of forms including medical illustrations, animations, 3D printed objects and interactive applications.


Visuluma, with its team of experts that includes medical doctors, biologists, biotech spiecialists, medical illustrators and animators, provides visual communication solutions for scientific and academic fields. We combine our amateur spirit and professional work ethic to deliver innovative products at the intersection of art and science.

Visuluma, the art of science.



Illustration is the oldest form of visual communication and still plays a central role in knowledge capture and transfer. We, at Visuluma, provide a full range of digital and print illustration solutions for all scientific disciplines with a special emphasis on medicine.


Scientific knowledge lends itself particularly well to forms of dynamic presentation. The expressive power of animation is unparalleled for capturing and communicating this dynamism. We create 2D and 3D animations to demonstrate subjects that would be difficult or impossible to capture using more traditional methods. The animations can be converted to a documentary or lecture using cinematic/sound effects or voice-overs.


We develop interactive applications that utilize web technologies (html5, css3, javascript, webGL) animations, static models and responsive design tools to deliver immersive environments with different perspectives instead of the customary single point of view. This approach allows us, especially in the medical domain, to present 3D anatomic structures in a easy to understand and navigate format.


The rapid development of 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize medical education, skills’ development, and even physician/patient face-to-face communication. We can create printed models, with a high degree of anatomical and structural fidelity, of the desired anatomical area. We focus on understanding the clients’ educational needs, and the required level of tactile feedback to optimise the model’s educational value.


  • Our process starts with the client. We discuss and review all project requirements including its purpose, the audience it caters to, the problem(s) it aims to solve and the overall vision. The findings of this step are used to steer the technical analysis of the subject domain. Our team’s objective at this point is to obtain a solid understanding of technical details. As part of this effort, we ask for and review all the material the client provides including scientific articles, photos, videos, web resources, and even hand drawn sketches on paper. We iterate this step with constant feedback to/form the client until all requirements are captured and documented.
  • At the planning phase, project tasks are assigned to term members according to their expertise and project requirements. This is also time the project schedule is finalized and the deliverables are identified. A firm project estimate and the final schedule along with the list of deliverables are given to the client for final approval.
  • A variety of visualization techniques and tools are utilized to develop the required visual artifacts and deliverables. Throughout the development process, our team maintains contact with the client and incorporates their feedback into new revisions. In the post production phase; voice-overs, visual and sound effects and music are incorporated as-needed.
  • High resolution/quality versions of deliverables are generated in all needed digital formats. Paper printouts and 3D printed models are also furnished if requested.
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